Why Spring is the Best Time to Replace or Repair Your Garage Doors

Why Spring is the Best Time to Replace or Repair Your Garage Doors

Spring is often seen as the season of renewal, the time when people have time to carry out thorough cleaning, car repairs and maintenance checks. Spring is also the best time to check at your garage door and carry out any necessary repairs. Conducting repairs during other seasons especially winter and summer has several shortcomings. First during winter or the preceding fall you are basically trying to beat the deadlines and in a rush. The cold weather makes the process quite longer than necessary. It is also hard to find a good company since many are busy addressing emergency cases. Summer brings with it the disadvantages of heat and humidity making it hard for the technicians to access certain areas. The heat also negatively affects certain materials.

There are several advantages of carrying out repairs and replacements during winter which include:

Great prices and offers

Most construction and building related companies try to start their year early and to attract customers during this period they allow for competitive prices. Whether you are looking for new parts or a new door you are bound to find plenty of attractive promotions to work with during this period. The weather at this period is also conducive for holding day long home shows. Various dealers and manufacturers use the opportunity to display the latest products which eases your search for an ideal part or door.

It is the right time after your door has withstood harsh winter

Winter is a harsh test for your garage door. Even if you are not doing any replacements, spring is the right time to assess the door after it has faced the harsh weather. You can carry out proper tune up evaluating the effect of the winter on various parts of the door; you can have a tune up on your door springs. If you have had your garage door in the same shape for over five years, it may be time to replace the springs and you have enough time and conducive weather to do it.

Springs is easier for repairs

Spring time is conducive for repairs both on technical aspects as well as convenience ones. First, the moving parts are under less tension making the job easier and much safer. All assessments are more accurate and imbalances caused by extreme weather and temperatures are not there.

As for convenience, spring is a time you can totally empty the garage space and even leave property and the car out while carrying out major renovations. This is because your equipment and car are not under threat from any extreme weather element. This makes the whole process easier and allows for a wide-scale exercise that serves you well the rest of the year.

Doing garage cleaning and repairs might appear to be a thankless task but spring provides the best time for the exercise. It is important not to forego this even if it is only doing routine check-up and maintenance. This is because a malfunctioning garage poses serious risks to the safety of your property and family.

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