Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Garage To A Smart Garage

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Garage To A Smart Garage

Just about everything in modern times is getting smart. From smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars and now smart homes. For smart homes, the rule is they begin with a smart garage and there are several key reasons you should consider making that upgrade. A smart garage is about convenience and increased all round security.

Some of the benefits you get include:

1. Smart access and control of the garage door

Given the amount of things you can access and control from your phone, it is only logical that you be able to control access to your garage. With a simple app and the right accessories set up, you can close and open the door from anywhere. This is helpful because many are the times you will forget and leave the door unlocked. With such access you can get an alert and lock the door from wherever you are. In case the garage door will be used by others at home you can easily open for them from your office, car or whatever place you will be. You can also set an alert system to be notified whenever the door is left open for a longer period of time. This adds security and convenience to the garage.

2. Monitor the garage whenever you are away

Another aspect you get from a smart garage is monitored security. You get to have an indoor camera that is connected to your phone app. This will provide you with round the clock surveillance to watch any happening in the garage. Depending on the capability of your set up, you can get a video recorder as well as a movement sensor connected to the camera. This way you get clips and are notified of any movements and happenings around the garage. In case you were expecting any deliveries you can check on them from your phone as well as keep track of your pet if you have one in the garage.

3. Lights control

If you do not like coming back to a dark home, then this is another feature of a smart garage you should incorporate. With just a wireless light control or even a remote light switch you can have the lights of your garage on with your smartphone or even the garage opener remote control. You will not be driving home in the dark again and this increases your home security.

4. Fire security and alarm systems

The conditions and materials in a garage make it one of the most high fire risk areas in your home. The location may make it hard to detect fire early enough. However, with a smart garage you can get smoke sensors installed which will alert you and the professionals in case of a fire incident. Aside from the alerts the system can shut down the HVAC system to prevent the smoke from spreading and turn on the lights to aid in visibility.

5. Safe parking

With a laser parking accessory, you have aid when it comes to parking knowing just how far to back up and avoid hitting your belongings. You can even sync to lasers when you have a two car garage.
These utilities allow you to enjoy the experience of your garage and maximize on its convenience.

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