Which is Better, One Double Residential Garage Door or 2 Single Doors?

Which is Better, One Double Residential Garage Door or 2 Single Doors?

When designing a house or when shopping for a garage door, this is a common question that homeowners find themselves trying to answer. Most people end up in a quagmire. Do I use the 4.9m/16 feet wide double garage door or just two single doors? If you are wondering about this, below are some of the things you need to do in order to make a more informed choice.


The first thing you have to do is to be practical. What happens if there is a mechanical failure in the 16 feet door? If this happens, this simply means that both your cars will be stuck inside the garage. This is something that will never happen when using two single doors. The chances of the mechanical parts of the two doors breaking down at the same time is virtually impossible. When considering the practicality of the garage doors, two single doors make more sense than the one double residential garage door.


Another very important point you have to consider is that on the insulation impact of the garage door. This is more so if you reside in areas where the temperatures can get pretty low. In the case of a double door, opening it will allow more cold air to get into your garage than the smaller single door. More cold air getting into your garage simply means that the temperature in the garage will drop much faster thereby impacting your HVAC and subsequent heating bills. The single door is smaller and will not let in as much cold air as the double door. Again, installing the 2 single doors make more sense.

Design And Taste

A double garage door that is at the front of your house will cause it to become part of your style setting. Most homeowners don’t like drawing a lot of attention to their garage doors. This is why they prefer the two single doors. By doing this, you will be able to maintain a great balance between the doors and the rest of the house.

These three are the main reasons why most people go for the 2 single doors instead of the one double garage door. A very important point you need to remember is that the two options will cost the same to install. The difference, however, will be seen in the amount of energy being used to electrically operate the two single doors.

The choice of a garage door is one you must never take lightly. It is paramount that you work with a garage door expert throughout the process. The advantage of involving a specialist is that you will get indispensable pieces of advice on the best brands to use, the design that is ideal for your home as well as great support in the installation and maintenance of the garage doors. Unless you are a garage door specialist yourself, you should never take on the job of installing your own garage door. Let the professionals take care of that.

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