What’s Factored Into The Cost Of A Commercial Garage Door?

What’s Factored Into The Cost Of A Commercial Garage Door?

You have moved into a new business premise for your business, one that will require installation of commercial or industrial garage doors. You are now thinking of how much you need to set aside for the installation of these commercial garage doors. The answer is not that simple. There are various factors that inform the cost of a garage door.

  • The actual type of door that you choose
  • The type of lift mechanism that will be in use and the clearance
  • The accessories you will be choosing for your door

Important Questions

When determining the above, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. These very important questions will enable you to determine the right kind of doors for you, which will ultimately inform the cost needed to achieve this.

  • How many times in a day or month will the garage doors be used? This question is intended to determine the number of operation cycles that your doors will undergo.
  • What type of vehicles will be going through the doors? Answering this question helps to determine the risk of damage that your garage doors will be facing on a regular basis.
  • How important is door insulation to you? Usually, weather tightness is important when dealing with residential garage doors. However, depending on the nature of your business, you might need weather tightness for your commercial garage doors.
  • Do you require natural lighting? This will determine the number of windows you install on your doors.
  • What level of safety do you require?

Garage Door Dealer

After answering these questions, you can now head to a garage door dealer with your requirements. Your dealer will give you a quote that will respond to your requirements.

Usually, the components that go into the cost of a commercial garage door are the following:

  • The door itself. There are different types of garage doors and these come at different costs.
  • The windows. Most people will choose windows because they are keen to maximize on natural lighting. Keep in mind that these windows come at additional costs. Also, windows can compromise the security of your garage door.
  • The hardware, such as the spring system and the lift type. The strength of your hardware should correspond to the frequency of usage of the door. The hardware includes the accessories you choose for your door. Accessories in this case include
  • C-shaped bumpers that are installed at the end of vertical tracks for manually operated doors.
  • Electric garage door openers. If you opt for these, then be prepared to shop around as the cost tends to vary from one quote to another. The variation comes about because of voltage, horsepower and even the accessories.
  • Last but not least, the installation of the doors is another cost component. Usually, the installation involves two experts-the door installer or dealer who handles the mechanical aspects, and the electrician to deal with the electrical wiring.

Whether you are replacing your old garage door or installing a new door for the first time, having a clear picture of how your money will be spent is vital.

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