What Measurements Should You Look At Before Purchasing A New Garage Door?

What Measurements Should You Look At Before Purchasing A New Garage Door?

You have decided that it’s about time you got a new garage door for your garage. The old one looks shabby and is starting to creak and sputter whenever it is opened. You have been shopping around for the best models and designs in the market. But are they all good fits for your garage? One of the factors used to judge the suitability of a garage door is the measurements of the door frame of your garage, and whether this fit well with the door you wish to have. But what exactly are the measurements you should be looking at when purchasing a garage door?

Garage Width

The first thing you need to measure is the width of the opening at the widest point. This is the distance between the left and right sides of the opening. Look out for irregularities such as jambs which are not square, as this could interfere with the measurements.

Garage Height

Secondly, you need to measure the height of the opening at the highest point. Simply put, measure the distance between the floor and the top of the door opening. As you did when measuring width, you need to look out for irregularities. In measuring height, irregularities might be brought about by an un-level floor.

You will also need to measure the width of the areas besides the openings, as you need to make sure that there is enough space for the vertical track. Ensure there is a minimum of 3.75 inches on each side. If you are dealing with a double car garage door, you need to make sure that the center post is a minimum of 10 inches wide.


Now that you have completed the above measurements, you need to move to the headroom measurements. For this, you need to measure the area between the top of the opening and the ceiling. It is important to keep in mind what headroom requirements you need depending on the type of garage door you will be choosing.


Last but not least, you need to measure the backroom. This is the distance between the opening and the rear of the garage (or the nearest obstruction). If you are using sectional type doors, the minimum backroom requirement is the door height plus an additional 18 inches for the manual lift doors. If you are going to be using an electric opener, the additional 18 inches increase to 4 feet and 2 inches.

Here are additional tips you should keep in mind when taking measurements for your garage door:

  • Verify the positioning of the electrical outlet that will be used for the door opener, if you are opting for an electric opener.
  • Take note of any obstructions that will interfere with your door’s operations. These include lights, pipes and stairs.
  • Check to see if all door jambs are in good condition, and that the header is stable.
  • Check the level of the floor. Will you require to do additional work on the floor or will you opt for a door that fits the current condition of the floor? What compromises are you willing to make?

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