An Overview of 3 Types of Different Garage Door Openers in the Market

Types of different Garage Door Openers in the Market

Shopping for a garage door opener can be a hustle, especially with the different garage door openers available today. You have to shop well to get the best in terms of functionality, ease of use, convenience and a great value for your money. This is a huge investment and thus you should take your time to compare the different types before making a choice.

Below is a comparison guide of the different garage door openers to help you choose the best for your property:

Chain drive

Chain drive garage door openers are the most popular among homeowners. They use a chain that is similar to that of a bicycle. The chain is used to pull and push the trolley which causes the door to open or shut. Chain drives are affordable and thus a good fit if you are on a budget or don’t want to invest much in your garage.
The main disadvantage of chain drive garage door openers is that they are noisy. This makes them unsuitable for use in homes where there is a room over the garage. They can be a nuisance especially when the garage is under a bedroom. It is recommended that you use them in a detached garage only.

Belt drive

Belt drive garage door openers have the same design as chain drive garage door openers but they use a belt to close and open the door. They are more quiet compared to chain drive openers. Therefore, you can use them in garages that have a room above them. Their main drawback is that they are more expensive compared to chain drive garage door openers.

Screw drive

For screw drive openers, a steel rod is used to move the trolley when opening and closing the garage door. Screw drives have very little components and thus are very easy to maintain. Screw drive openers are noisier compared to belt drives. They also don’t run well in areas that have large swing of temperatures in winter and summer.
After getting the right garage door opener for your home, the next step is to ensure that it is installed properly. This should not be a DIY project unless you are a garage door expert. Hire an expert to do the installation to ensure that it is done safely. Poor installations could cause accidents and malfunctions.
Also, ensure that the door sensor is installed properly. After installation do one or two tests to ensure that it is functioning. The door sensor is a safety precaution that will prevent the door from closing when someone or something is standing in the way of the garage door. It prevents things from being crushed when the door closes.
Another area you need to check after installation is the battery backup and manual release. Manual release and battery backup will help to open and close the garage door when the motor is not functioning or when there is no power.

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