Steel Garage Doors
Steel is the most widely used material on most garage doors today replacing wood for that honor. We recognize that and that’s why Professional Garage Doors has a wide inventory of steel doors taking in several styles and makes. We offer only the strongest steel advising our clients to use only gauges 24 to 25 to make the best of the strength from steel. We have a wide range of steel garage doors including both insulated and non-insulated garage doors that match you exact needs. We cater for both commercial and residential clients with steel doors that can be customized for each need.

You should consider steel garage doors for the advantages it has over other materials


Steel guarantees longevity with little aspects to fuss about. You can face the worse of climates and repeated use with no issue about decay, warping or rotting along the base. You do not need to keep painting and repainting or replacing cracked panels. It does this with little other maintenance costs.

Energy efficiency

While steel alone is a poor material to offer insulation, should your requirements demand a more energy efficient garage door, the insulation provided by polyurethane or polystyrene provides a great addition to the steel making it energy saving.


With all their strength and usefulness steel doors are still greatly cost effective costing just a little more than options like aluminum doors. When it comes to customizing, the difference in savings made by using steels doors is even greater when compared to several other alternatives. With little maintenance costs the costs effectiveness of steel just goes up.

Environmental friendly

The present age is all about looking after the environment. Our steel garage doors are made mostly from 80-100% recycled steel keeping the environment safe. When you want to replace the steel, the material is simply recycled into another product.

Beauty and enhanced value

Steel can be combined with a number of styles and glass to deliver a great aesthetic finish that lasts for long without the need for replacement. It is also agreed by different real estate developers that using insulated steel garage doors can greatly enhance the value of your home especially if you are considering a resale.

Our steel garage doors come with lengthy warranties guaranteeing you of their quality. If you are contemplating getting a new garage door we will take you through the available options at the same time analyzing your situation. We get you steel garage doors directly from the best manufacturers in the industry like Clopay, Barmac, Liftmaster and WayneDalton.

You do not have to worry about how you will set up your door since we provide installation services as well especially where you need professional help in customizing the door in different shapes and specifications. We visit the site and take the measurements to ensure you get a right fit that will not cause problems later. You can call us today for a free quote on the various options we have.

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