Checklist: How Secure is Your Garage Door From a Thief?

Secure Garage Door From Thief

Checklist: How to Secure Garage Door From a Thief?

The garage door serves as a barrier to prevent unauthorized access to your garage. With valuables in your garage, you should ensure that thieves have no access. Once an intruder finds their way into the garage, they can easily find their way into other rooms, if there are interconnecting doors in the garage. Even though most garage doors are designed to offer maximum safety, buglers are always coming up with new ways to break doors. So hurry up to secure garage door today

Below is a checklist to help you determine if thieves can open your garage door

Garage door factory settings

Once the door is installed, you are supposed to change the code to a different one that is hard to crack. If you maintain the factory settings, you make it easy for a thief to break in. Consider changing the code regularly so as to make it difficult for intruders to crack.

Reinforce the lock

To keep the garage secure from breakage, consider reinforcing the lock. Also consider reinforcing the hinges and the doorjamb. Grade 1 or 2 deadbolts will do a good job in making the garage resistant to breakage.

Do your best not to lose your remote

You should be very careful how you handle your remote. Don’t forget it at the store or in your neighbor’s car or house. By keeping your remote safe, you make it hard for thieves to access your garage. Being careless with your remote can entice even people who are close to you to break into your garage to see what’s stored there.

Secure your garage when you go on vacations

When going out of town for a while, you should unplug the garage door opener motor. If you don’t unplug it, you increase the chance of thieves successfully breaking the door when you are away.

Secure the emergency release lever

A thief can easily take advantage of the emergency release lever to break into your garage. And, all they need to accomplish this is a small wire. Make sure that your emergency release lever is secured, but do so without compromising on its functionality. This can be achieved by removing the cord. Also, you can tie the lever to the carriage assembly by using a thin wire, zip tie or a rope. This will create inconveniences and thus discourage thieves. It’s a cheap way to keep your garage safe.

Securely lock the garage door that goes to your home

If you have a garage door that connects to rooms in your house, consider locking it with a deadbolt.
Lock the garage door when the garage is not in use
Don’t leave your garage door open when the garage is not in use. Make it routine to check the garage door as you do with other doors in your home.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that there are no loopholes that make it easy for thieves to break in.
Replace your old garage door with a modern one
If your garage door was developed decades ago, it is time to invest in a new one with modern and reliable systems.

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