Residential Garage Door Repair have to reflect your style and match the overall decorative theme of the home from the driveway to the house style. At the same time, they have to meet your other needs like durability, ease of functionality, and your budget. This is why at Professional Garage Doors we offer you a one-stop selection for all your garage door needs. We bring you the top designs and styles from a number of top-rated manufacturers like Amarr, Barmac, Clopay, Craftsman, Liftmaster, WayneDalton, Garaga and SteelCraft. These guarantee you unmatched choices for selection and you are sure to find a garage door that meets your needs.

Residential Garage Doors

When selecting the garage door for your home, getting the right material is important. The material determines the garage door strength, durability ease of maintenance, and overall look. We provide both insulated and non-insulated garage doors and a wide range of materials to pick from. Our insulation is available in forms:

  • polyurethane insulation residential garage doors
  • Polyurethane – This is a liquid spray that is injected in the door panels which then widens and hardens to fill the whole cavity it has been injected to. It offers more resistance and it is more energy-saving than polystyrene.
  • Residential garage doors polystyrene sheet insulation
  • Polystyrene , this is Styrofoam, the material used in coffee mugs which are shaped to fit the cavities in the door panel.
There are six major materials used in the garage doors available at our store


Aluminum garage doors are a favourite for many because they are lightweight and also have a sophisticated appeal about them. Their lightweight nature makes them perfect for double doors since they will not strain the operating mechanism. They are also rustproof and inexpensive. Depending on the quality of aluminum you can get dent-proof, heavy-duty and expensive garage doors or those which can be dent but inexpensive.


They are a durable, long-lasting garage door option and reasonably priced though they are slightly more expensive than aluminum doors. They are also low maintenance, especially when compared to wood garage doors. For energy efficiency, you will need to get insulated steel doors as steel is a poor insulator. Select steel doors with gauge 24 or 25 for more strength, toughness and durability.


This is made almost in the same manner as fibreglass but it is much more durable, hard to dent and break. It is also easy to maintain but comes in limited colours and designs. It is rust-proof and suitable for use in harsh weather.

Wood Composite

This is material that is made from wood fibres. It has the double benefits of having the appeal of wood garage doors and the strength of steel. It is also rot-resistant and does not split.


It is one of the oldest materials used for making garage doors. Its greatest advantage is its traditional beautiful look. The price depends on the quality and type of wood you pick with hardwoods like mahogany and cedar being more lavish. The challenge is its maintenance and lifespan.


It is one of the least used materials for garage doors. It has better resistance to dents, is lightweight and more resistant to saltwater corrosion making it a favourite in coastal areas. It, however, fades easily on exposure to weather.

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