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Waterloo Garage Door Repair

Whether you require a garage door replacement or any kind of garage door repair in Waterloo, you need to keep in mind that it is not something that you can do from looking at an online tutorial. If you want a garage door that will function fully and correctly, you require a perfect installation of it. Furthermore, you risk injuring yourself and those around you if you attempt a garage door installation on your own. Here is why you should have Professional Garage Doors on your speed dial.

We use quality and correct parts

Whenever you hire our experts to install your garage door, you can be sure of the tools they will use for your installation. You can avoid the hassle of changing openers because of a mistake and your garage door opener will last longer when it is the right size. Our professional installers always have the correct equipment on hand to complete your garage door installation correctly and as fast as possible. There are several stages of garage door installation that we must complete accurately for your door to function, as it should. This includes proper wiring, correct installation of pulleys, securing of the door opener, and correct configuration of the photo eye. We must also ensure proper balancing of your door’s weight. All these complex steps are necessary for the correct installation of your garage door.

We care about your safety

Garage door installation can be risky especially when dealing with springs. Most garage doors are large, heavy and difficult to install especially if you do not have prior experience. Moreover, garage door installations require working with electricity and you need to have the proper training to establish a properly grounded power outlet and additional safety measures to do the electrical wiring as well. Our experts at Professional Garage Doors will be able to test the door upon completion of the installation process to ensure that is safe for use.

Our experience is the field is unmatchable

Online tutorials on how to install garage doors appear to be quite easy, but that is rarely the case. The videos look easy because the people who do them are usually experienced and seasoned experts. Unfortunately, as easy as it may look, installing a garage door is not an easy task especially if you do not have the experience. Furthermore, although most garage doors come with a warranty, it is often useless if you handle your garage door installation on your own. A ‘do-it-yourself’ project will leave you with endless exasperating hours without the assurance that the end result will be satisfactory. As such, it is best to let our specialists at Professional Garage Doors do the job. Aside from offering a warranty, they stand behind their work. Our experts possess all the skills and training required to not only perform the job accurately so that you do not face any problems down the road, they also complete the job in a timely manner saving you the hassle and time.


Waterloo Garage Doors offers repair and installation services in Waterloo. Whether you need garage door maintenance, installation or repairs, our expert technicians are ready to offer a reliable service. We offer our garage door services to both commercial and residential clients in Waterloo. Our technicians have massive experience and can take care of any aspect of repairs or installation that you need to boost your security or aesthetic appeal.

We understand just how important your garage door is to maintaining security and boost your property’s appearance. That’s why we take no chances when offering our repair or installation services in Waterloo. Should you require a garage door opener replacement, we will be happy to provide this. We specialize in all aspects of garage doors and openers. We do it the best in Waterloo.

Why seek professional garage door services?

Whether it’s choosing a new garage door, installing it or repairing your existing one, you need to call an expert in Waterloo with skill and experience working with all kinds of garage doors. At Professional Garage Doors, customer satisfaction is our main priority. We make sure the customer understands the mechanism of the garage door when selecting one that meets their needs and budget. Should you consider replacing, repairing or maintaining your garage door, our technicians are happy to help.

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We have worked with commercial and residential property owners in projects that involve complex garage doors best left to professionals. There’s no task that is too big or too small for our professionals to handle. Whatever issue you could be facing with the garage door opener, trust that we’ve seen it all. Our technicians will be at the location you specified within no time ready to offer all kinds of garage door services in Waterloo. We’ll carry all the replacement parts that may be required when called in for repairs in order to provide a same day service.


Looking for a new garage door in Waterloo?

Searching for a new garage door, we’ve got you covered. When choosing a garage door, there’s nothing more important than quality. At Professional Garage Doors, we make sure any door you consider is best suited for your property. We will first visit the site and together with you, select a garage door that is perfect for your home or commercial space. We will consider factors such as the level of security required to recommend the best door for you. Seek the help of our technicians when choosing from popular brands of garage doors including Clopay, Amarr, SteelCraft, Craftsman and WayneDalton. We offer all these options and more.

Waterloo Garage Doors technicians will hand pick a garage door for you that best meets your needs and budget. We will evaluate your requirements and choose a garage door that you like and feel secure with. We have a very broad selection of garage doors from different manufacturers. Get in touch with us today to offer garage door installation, repair or maintenance services wherever you are in Waterloo.