LiftMaster Safety Eyes




LiftMaster Safety Eyes

If you own a garage with a manual garage door, then you likely have a bottom bracket system or called LiftMaster Safety Eyes. These brackets are the support structure that connects the ends of your tracks to the header above. If one of these brackets slips, there is no way for your door to move up and down. The only solution is to repair the bracket so it will stay in place. There are two common types of slipping bottom brackets: A loose fitting or wonky screws. Both are easy fixes to get your garage door moving again.
If you can identify which type of slipping bracket your system has, then this article will help you take care of it quickly and easily. For example, if you only have one fastener in each track instead of two as is standard, then you’ll know what needs fixing right away. You can also troubleshoot by testing whether or not the screw on either end of the track moves freely at all points along it. If they don’t, then read on for more details on both types and how to fix them smoothly and easily.

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