Preparing Your Garage Door For Summer

Prepping Your Garage Door For Summer

After the cold weather, you need to inspect your garage door and make sure you complete the necessary repairs and touchups. Do not assume that just because the door is opening fine after winter it is still in the best condition. The icy conditions are tough on doors. Inspecting the parts, cleaning and repairing damages will certainly save you a great deal of time and money.

Here are some of the things you ought to do when getting ready for the summer season.

Cleanup the door

To be honest, the garage door is probably the most overlooked part of the house when it comes to clean up. The garage is in general not the cleanest part of your home. This is where you will find the tool boxes, supplies and other things that would easily be mistaken for junk. When getting ready for the summer, you should not only clean the garage itself but also the doors. Wash both the inside and outside parts of the door. This helps reduce dust build up. For the wooden doors, adding a new coat of paint and adding water sealants will help prevent rot. Simply keeping the door clean will save you from the trouble of replacing it or handling significant repairs.


Have you lubricated the moving parts of late? These include the hinges, tracks and rollers. Proper lubrication will ensure the door operates smoothly and that there are no damages resulting from excess friction. Use lubrications designed for garage doors and not just any brand. You should also not use too much oil as this can lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust which will gradually wear the parts. Use lubricants with silicone for the exterior weather stripping.

Inspect for tear and wear

Start by looking at the cables. If they are worn or frayed, you should consider contacting a local garage door professional for immediate replacement. Don’t be tempted to replace the cables by yourself as this is usually dangerous. Other parts you need to look at include the ball-bearings, hinges, supports and rods. They should all be in good shape. Fix any damage immediately to avoid hefty repair expenses.

Take a look at the bolts

The bolts located at the back of the track should not be loose. Loose bolts may cause the garage door to fall. This can be risky.

Inspect the springs

The springs on your door need to be rust free. Protecting them from rust will extend their lifespan. Make sure the damaged or weakened springs are replaced immediately by a professional.

Insulation and weather-stripping

Last but not least, you have to pay attention to the insulation and weather-stripping. These are the parts that keep your garage dry and prevent excess heat gain/loss. Replace the damaged ones and make sure the insulation is in perfect condition.

The above recommendations will certainly get you ready for the summer season. The important thing, however, is to never handle garage repairs and replacements on your own. You have to work with a professional for this.

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