How are Polyurethane-Injected Doors Made?

How are Polyurethane-Injected Doors Made?

When it comes to the purchase of a new garage door, you will be spoilt for choice. However, there are certain products that stand out from the others. Products from Professional Garage Doors & Openers are one of those products. This is mostly because of how well insulated these products are. These doors are not just insulated but also weatherproofed to withstand the worst climate that is thrown at them.


Insulated garage doors are insulated using polyurethane foam. This is the most effective insulation available on the market today mostly because it lasts a lifetime, creates airtight seals, it’s waterproof, adds structural strength and has a high R-value. The foam yields an insulation of up to R-16. Polyurethane foam is twice as effective as ‘white Styrofoam (polystyrene insulation).

Polyurethane foam has many uses. It is used in sealing gaps around entry doors and windows. It is also found in blocks to protect fragile items that are being shipped. The great thing about polyurethane foam is that it adheres strongly to the walls of the door thereby creating a composite product. This results in a flexural strength that is twice as great as that of polystyrene.


The garage door plays an important role in improving the energy efficiency of a house. Although different garage doors may be rated to have the same insulation value, this is not always equivalent. This is more so when accounting for the heat and energy loss taking place through the joints between the door sections and the exterior perimeter.

To significantly reduce energy loss, the best garage doors should be developed with:

  • Adjustable bottom weather seal
  • High-geared triple-contact weather-stripping between the sections
  • Impressive weather-stripping for the outer frame

These three types of weather seals are what enable the best garage doors to surpass other products in the market in relation to energy efficiency.

Heat loss often results from the weather-stripping that is installed on the exterior frame. This is because the weather-stripping is often equipped with just a single blade as weather-seal. This gets rigid when temperatures drop below freezing. The perimeter of garage doors should be made with double-blade systems that overlap the door by 38mm around the perimeter. This helps solve the heat loss problem that is common on most garage doors. It is also good to note that insulated doors eliminate transfers into your garage.

Installed By The Experts

Even where the garage door has been designed to prevent energy loss/gain, how it is installed will determine its effectiveness. This is why it is always a good idea to work with the professionals when it comes to the installation of garage doors.

How garage doors are installed is as important as the product. You need to consider doing business with garage door specialists. The specialists understand the specifications when it comes to the installation of garage doors and will advise you accordingly based on your needs, tastes and budget.

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