How to Manually Open Garage door When There is a Power Outage

Manually open garage door

The modern garage doors are automatic thus offering so much convenience. Opening the garage door has become as easy as pressing a button on the remote. You don’t have to get out of your car to open the garage especially on a windy, rainy day. However, automatic garage doors depend on power which means that in case of an outage you might be stuck out in the cold. On the other side, if power goes out when you are inside the garage, you risk running late for appointments. As such, it is important to learn ways to operate the garage door when the power goes off just in case there is an outage and you are in the garage.

Bypass switch

All garage doors have a bypass switch that can be used when the power goes off or the remote opener is not working. Garage door openers come with a rope which has a red handle. Once you pull the rope, the garage will change into manual mode. You should pull the rope downwards and towards the back of the garage so as to ensure that it is not caught on the tracks. It is advisable to use this handle only when the garage door is closed. If the manual mode is activated when the garage door is open, it might close suddenly with a crush. The door will come down with a strong crush that may damage anything on its way.
The garage door should stay in manual mode for as long as there is no power or if the motor is malfunctioning.

Manual lock

Most garage doors have a manual locking system which you can use to prevent unauthorized access to the garage. The manual lock is a large handle that is located in the middle of the garage. It is easy to open and close and you can use it to lock the garage to ensure that no one enters the garage from outside until you can manually unlock it from the inside.

Restoring the automatic features

When power resumes, you can go back to your automatic features. To achieve this, pull the red rope downwards and towards the opening of the garage. Pull up on the door until it makes a sound and locks back in place. You can also achieve this by hitting the button on the remote.


If there are any damaged parts on your garage door, don’t attempt to open it manually. This could cause more damage and even accidents therefore have a garage door expert check it first. Also ensure that the rollers and chain on the garage door are lubricated. This prevents the door from making much noise. It also reduces the friction thus ensuring that the moving parts last longer.
Check the manufacturer’s manual for more tips on how to operate the door when there is a power outage. If you are not sure of any of the steps, or you notice anything unusual, don’t hesitate to contact an expert immediately.

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