The Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Openers

All You Need to Know About garage door openers

All You Need to Know About garage door openers

Problems with the garage door openers go further than just not working. There are so many issues that may mandate you to replace your old garage door openers even if it is still working. For example, the opener might be making excessive noise, you may be struggling to open or close it all the way or you may be having trouble opening the door from the halfway position. These are the struggles of most homeowners. You can either choose to fix the opener or replace it. Here are answers to some important questions on door openers.

Which opener should I purchase?

One thing you need to take note of is that the garage door openers are usually engineered similarly. However, there are some differences when it comes to performance. Some are quieter than others. If the living quarters are located close to the garage, you want to invest in an opener that is quieter. The features of the opener will also matter. For example, if you are looking for an opener that is heavy duty and one that will last a long time, you should spend your money on the chain driven opener. Always weigh your options and understand the pros and cons of each option before you make a choice.

Which is the best place to buy a garage door opener?

In the search for a place to buy garage door openers, you will be spoilt for choice. The retail stores are a good option but they will only offer a DIY door opener and there is often no home warranty that comes with it. This will be problematic if there are no diagnostic or repair warranties provided by both the hardware and store.

The second option is that of using the garage door companies. These openers have a better build unlike those in hardware and retail stores. Garage door companies offer openers that have a stronger chain and rail. This guarantees better resistance against buckling and bending over time.

The door openers in the hardware and retail stores will cost somewhere between $200 and $300 in addition to the $115 you will incur in installation costs. With the garage door companies, the typical cost is about $350 and $450.

Is there any maintenance I should perform?

Just because you have the best garage door opener does not mean no maintenance will be needed.

Here are the four things you will have to do during routine maintenance:

  • Check the cables that connect to the brackets at the bottom to the spring system. If the cables are rusty, worn or frayed, they are at a high risk of breaking. These cables should be replaced by professional garage specialists.
  • Inspect the springs by operating the garage door manually and inspecting the spring’s ability to withstand the weight of the door. An average 10 year old should be able to lift the door without struggling.
  • Noisy doors are a sign of an impending problem. Check the track and rollers.
    Lubricate with silicone.

Don’t hold back when investing in a garage door opener. You must also take maintenance seriously and always involve the professionals when making major changes.
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