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How to Avoid Hiring a Shady Hamilton Garage Doors Spring Replacement Repair Service

Spring replacement and repairs: With time every garage door spring gives in to metal fatigue either due to poor installation or heavier use than the spring was designed for. Whether they have broken or are due for replacement, you can contact us for a faster resolution to the problem. We handle both the torsion springs and the extension springs and replace the broken ones with high industry quality springs. You can opt for heavy-duty springs or regular springs depending on your garage door use.

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Why do I need a garage door repair service in Hamilton, ON.

A poorly installed garage door can lead to certain expensive mechanical problems.

Every home requires garage door in a different way and according to their use, and it is highly likely that the garage door in the home can be installed in a different way. This means that the mechanism and the mechanics are likely to be out of tune and out of code, leading to the extra cost of repair and maintenance.

If your garage door is damaged, which can be caused by a failure in the door assembly system or the wood around the door, it can lead to further problems such as mold and general deterioration. A new garage door can give a fresh outlook to the look of your property and can provide better security from potential break-ins.

Garage Door Springs

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We take pride in servicing and repairing of all types of garage door springs and repair and replacement of broken springs. Our team is comprised of qualified and dedicated professionals. You can find out more information on our Garage Door Service.

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What do garage door springs do?

  • A garage door spring supports the physical structure and acts as the guard.
  • It assists you with opening and closing the garage door.
  • The correct spring tension gives the right amount of resistance to restrict opening and closing of the door.
  • The right spring compression gives a pressure to the door to be the spring keeps the door closed tightly.
  • The wrong spring tension gives too much pressure to the door and it will keep open without the need for the brakes.

Garage door extension spring installation and replacement: This is one of the most complex jobs one can do. There are several terms to look out for when it comes to installation of garage door extension springs.

First, we install with extended slots on the bottom of the door for installation of springs.

Why should you have your garage door’s springs replaced? 

The purpose of springs is to shorten the span of a door when it’s being opened, while it’s raised to close the door. If there is a physical flaw in the door’s structure that causes the spring to fatigue, the door can come crashing down. This can cause severe damage to the door and door frame.

In addition to the usual damage of a door coming down or a crash due to heavy winds, this can cause several other problems such as:

  • This can force you to pay high repair costs.
  • This can also crush your door frame, risking your door being damaged beyond repair.
  • It could also potentially cause serious injuries to anyone that enters the garage through it.
  • You may end up with damaged door locks.
  • This can also lead to damaging your garage.

What are the symptoms of a broken garage door spring? 

Excessive lifting and carrying of the door: When the lifting on the spring goes beyond its breaking point, it causes bending or cracking of the metal. Heavy lift may also cause breaking of the springs.

Losing contact between the spring and the hardware: It can be due to the springs being deformed over time or the springs just not being strong enough. They could also be loose and fall out of their proper places.

Poor installation of the garage door: If the springs are installed poorly, you can suffer from spring shake, rattling and multiple cycles before shutting the door. Our technicians will rectify any faulty parts in your garage door.

How often should you have your springs replaced? 

We recommend replacement or repair of the springs at least once every three years. This is based on the wear pattern of the springs, the spring manufacturer’s recommendations and the state of your garage door. Our spring replacement service is done in-house and is done by our spring repair specialists, who have over 10 years of experience in this field. They are also experienced at custom designing and programming springs to meet your specific garage door needs.

Homeowners need to make sure that their garage door is closed after every use, and once the door is closed, the door isn’t opened ever again. It’s essential that your garage door is fully repaired and opens by itself after a few days.

Replacing Your Garage Door Spring

Before getting your garage door re-sprung we will analyze the existing spring with you for better spring fitment and safety of your garage door. In the event you have been using it for more than 20 years or you are looking for heavy duty springs, we recommend you to go for heavy duty springs.

Spring Replacement Methods

For Spring replacement on your old or torsion spring, we install high quality hard steel springs. We also recommend to install medium duty springs if the door is an ordinary garage door. We install these springs using a gap tool for easy replacement.

Extension Spring Replacement

If the torsion springs have sustained heavy loads and it has weakened to a point where it can no longer perform its duty, then you may have to replace the extension spring.


We are one of the most experienced garage door replacement companies in Hamilton Ontario that provides garage door repair, replacement, and repairs for the residents of Hamilton and surrounding areas. Our services are based on the principle of customer satisfaction. This is why we provide services which meet the quality standards required to satisfy our customers.

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