garage door wind resistance

What You Should Know About Garage Door Wind Resistance

Garage doors are usually the first shield protecting your home from external elements especially harsh weather. This makes it important to ensure they are strong and durable. One of the factors you will have to determine about your garage door is wind resistance. This refers to the ability of the garage door to withstand various wind speeds without suffering damage. Whether you are living in an area that is prone to hurricanes and blizzards or you just experience the occasional storm, getting a wind resistant garage door is a wise investment.

The first step is in carrying out an evaluation of your existing door. This should be carried out by a trained and experienced garage doors professional. The aim of the evaluation is to determine your garage door’s wind load requirement. This influences the decision on whether to reinforce the door or replace it. The wind load requirement is determined by factors such as the door size, local wind speeds, location of the garage among other factors.

For areas in extreme weather, the following precautions should be made:

1. Check building codes to determine the wind resistance requirements and ensure your door meets them. In hurricane and blizzards prone areas, the garage door is expected to withstand winds of up to 130 miles/hour and even more.

2. Get a hurricane proof door or an impact resistant door. Impact resistant doors can withstand strong forces being thrown against them while a hurricane proof door is twist resistant and the stronger of the two doors.

3. Install a bracing kit regardless of the kind of garage door you have. There are several bracing kits you can install on your own or get a professional for guidance.

There are several benefits in getting wind resistant garage doors. First off you get to protect you garage and house from structural damage. It has been estimated that a large percent of the damage suffered during storms and hurricanes can be attributed to the garage door. When the garage door fails, the garage is not the only structure that suffers damage. The internal pressure can result to a blowout of other areas in your home like the roof resulting in severe damage to the structures. A strong garage door adds to the integrity and stability of your whole home structure.

The other benefit is the protection of the lives and property in the garage and the home. A wind resistant garage door performs its duty as the first shield and keeps your family safe as well as your valuables in the garage and the property in the house. You suffer fewer losses and any damage suffered can be easily repaired.

The other benefit is the energy savings you enjoy with a wind resistant garage door. Such a door is air tight and does not have any leaks. The cold air from outside cannot get into the garage and from the garage to adjacent rooms. This greatly boosts the energy savings of the house as a whole.

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