An Overview of Strong and Sturdy Hardware for a Garage Door

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An Overview of Strong and Sturdy Hardware for a Garage Door parts

The garage door is a heavy and large moving part in your home. For the safety of your loved ones, it is important to invest in a door that is strong and durable. Strong and sturdy hardware ensures the safety and reliability of your garage door. By investing in a quality garage door, you will have peace of mind on stormy and windy days because there will be no damage to your garage with the strong and sturdy garage door parts.

The garage door opens three to five times in a day. In 25 years time, it will have opened more than 40,000 times. With such opening frequency, only sturdy and strong hardware can offer long term durability with minimal maintenance and repair costs. There will be fewer broken pieces and missing parts in your garage system.

Strong and sturdy components of a garage door

Reinforced horizontal tracks

For double door, tracks are reinforced with a 2”X2”, 13 gauge horizontal steel. This ensures that it does not bend due to the weight of the door.

Lift cables

Lift cables are located on each side of the garage door. They are used to lift the door. Lift cables should be galvanized and with a diameter of 3mm.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are placed over the opening of the door. Most garage doors in the market come with 10,000 cycle springs. One cycle spring is equal to one complete opening and closing of the garage door. Such cycle springs will last for roughly five to six years. The more the cycle springs the longer the lifespan. 25,000 cycle springs will last for 12 years.


Hinges are an important part of the garage door parts that allows the door components to retract easily from the ceiling. Hinges should be in full, not halves. They should also be 14 gauge, 1.9mm. Doors that are 4.3m and wider should have double hinges at the ends.


Steel is the best material for rollers or they can be covered in nylon. This ensures that they are quieter thus causing minimal disturbances in the home. Whether they are steel or nylon, there should be at least 10 ball bearings.

Reinforcement struts

Reinforcement struts make the door sections stiff and strengthen the garage door when it is open. All double doors should have 3 reinforcement struts.


Both the vertical and horizontal tracks should have a thickness of 14 gauge, 1.9mm, similar to the thickness of the light duty commercial hardware.

Anchoring plates

Wall anchoring plates for the vertical tracks should be welded to the tracks and bolted.
With strong and sturdy hardware for a garage door, you door will operate with maximum efficiency for years. When you buy a new garage door, the hardware required to put the door together will be included. You don’t have to go through the hustle of buying these items separately. All you have to do is a proper research on the manufacturer to ensure that he/she supplies strong and sturdy hardware for a garage door.