Broken Garage Spring Repair Ancaster

Your garage door should open and close effortlessly whether manual or electrically operated. Broken springs are the major causes for faulty garage doors. Since they function to balance the door’s weight, they should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage to your garage door or unforeseen injuries they may cause to you.

You can tell if your springs are broken by:

  • Physical examination of the springs
  • Balance problems with your door. It becomes difficult for your door to stay open without additional balance
  • A squeak sound from your door when you open or close it
  • Resistance when opening or closing the garage door such that you need to use more force than before.

Broken spring repair Ancaster, Ontario

Attempting to DIY repair your garage springs can end up costing you more than what an expert would have charged. DIY attempts can cause further damage or expose you to eminent injuries which will cost more in hospital bills. In Ancaster area, there are several experts to choose from who will take the repair responsibility away from you.

For $100-$200, your garage door springs can be fixed, repaired, lubricated, rebalanced or replaced. In case of replacement, you will incur both the labor charges and the cost of buying the new springs. In most cases, the expert will come with their own springs and bill for it but if you must buy your own beforehand, you should consider the following:

  • Measure the length of the spring
  • Measure the diameter of the spring
  • Check the direction of wound of the spring
  • Measure the wire gauge of the spring

This makes sure you buy the exact same spring as the broken one.

Types of Garage Door Spring Repair

  1. Rebalancing – Usually, after every two years it is recommended that you rebalance your springs. If you installed your springs during the cold season, you will need to rebalance sooner than two years.
  2. Replacement – Broken springs will need a complete replacement
  3. Lubrication – lubrication reduces the friction between parts protecting your springs from tear and wear.
  4. Tightening – Lose bolts and parts can impair the performance of your spring. Fixing these helps your springs to function optimally
  5. Adjusting the safety cables – Extension springs do have a safety cable attached to the garage door as an added support to the door when the springs break. This doubles as a safety feature preventing the door from running down unexpectedly. During repair, these too must be examined and adjusted accordingly. If they are not present and the springs being used are extension type, they must be fixed immediately.


Broken springs are major cause for problems encountered on how your garage door operates. With a little bit of proper maintenance, you can minimize the frequency in which your springs break increasing their lifespan. It is advised to hire a professional garage door installation and maintenance expert to fix your garage. They remain affordable and efficient, especially in Ancaster.