Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Hamilton

Hamilton has the top Broken Garage Spring Repair Stoney Creek. With an estimated population density of 755,000, it is a thriving hub for business and residential homes. Most residential homes feature a garage door mostly at the back of the house but some at the front. These doors are large enough to allow automobiles access through them. They are mostly made of metal but can also be made of wood or fibreglass.

Garage doors can be operated manually or by an electric garage door opener. Over time, you may notice a squeaking sound while operating your garage door. In some cases, it becomes difficult to open and close the door unless you exert a lot of pressure in doing so. This is an indication that your garage door springs need to be checked. The garage door springs are responsible for distributing the weight of your garage door accordingly making it easy to operate.

Professional & Affordable Broken Spring Repair

Broken or failing springs in your garage need immediate repair to avoid further damage to your garage door system and accidents that may occur. A broken spring means that your door cannot balance its own weight. When you pull up your door, the likelihood of it tumbling down is very high since the springs cannot hold its weight.

The repair is also a technical job one that needs experts. While there are DIY enthusiasts, attempting to repair your broken springs without the right tools and knowledge is not such a good idea. There are two types of springs that work on your garage door:

  1. Torsion spring – It is the most common with a lifespan of 4 -7 years. It is usually placed at the top of the garage door to balance the door’s weight.
  2. Extension springs – These have a life expectancy of 7-9years. Normally, they are placed vertically along the garage door.

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Garage spring repair will require an expert to replace both springs even if just one is broken. The average cost to repair your garage spring in Hamilton is $80-$120. If you are replacing the springs, besides the cost of buying new springs, you will incur labor cost for an expert to replace your door springs. This is an affordable cost compared to the cost of accidents that will occur if you continue to use your garage door yet the springs are broken. The extent of damage on the spring determines if the springs will be repaired or replaced. Sometimes, a quick rebalance is all your door needs. It is advised to do rebalancing every two years as a maintenance activity on your garage door.

Why Does My Garage Door Spring Break?

Garage door broken springs are due tear and wear over time. Despite the average lifespan of the springs, sometimes a spring breaks earlier than expected. This can be caused by various situations and is no cause for alarm but an opportunity for you to use a more qualified garage door expert for excellent service. There are several in Hamilton, but be sure to use those with a proven track record and recommendations from previous clients.