Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Grimsby

Broken garage door spring Grimsby is the main concern when operating garage doors. Besides the malfunction of the cause to the garage doors, there is also a safety concern in operating a garage door with faulty springs. Broken springs are caused by several factors:

  1. Wear and tear – springs do wear over time depending on how frequently the garage door is used. On average, the springs should last 4-9 years if all conditions remain constant.
  2. Fluctuating temperatures – Constant change in temperatures can cause a strain in the spring as it expands and contracts to depend on the temperatures. Freezing conditions also cause the springs to become brittle and likely to break at any time.
  3. Lack of proper maintenance – Adequate lubrication prevents friction that causes wear and tears in the spring. Rebalancing is also a key maintenance procedure to maintain a good balance on your springs and door.

Broken springs repair

When one or both of your springs are broken and need to be repaired, expert service providers within Grimsby are available to attend to your needs. You are strongly advised against attempting to do the repairs yourself unless you are an expert and have the right tools.

Repairing broken springs includes:
  • Adding a safety cable if initially missing – Extension springs do require safety belts to hold the door in place when the springs are broken. Besides the additional support, they are a safety requirement for doors operated by extension springs.
  • Lubrication of springs and parts – Lubrication on springs reduces the tear and wear due to friction. Normally a squeaking sound indicates a lack of proper lubrication if the spring is not broken.
  • Adjusting or rebalancing the spring – If your springs are out of balance, your door will also have balance issues. It is recommended to rebalance your springs every two years. If your springs are installed during the cold season, a quicker rebalancing is required to set the springs accordingly.
  • Tightening of loose parts – Loose bolts and nuts can affect the performance of your springs. Tightening this accordingly keeps your springs up and running optimally.

Grimsby Garage Spring Repair

Repairing garage door springs requires technical knowledge and skills. The repair may turn out to be a complete replacement in cases where the springs are completely broken or have attained their lifespan. Involving an expert saves you time and money. On average, you can spend $100-$200 on repairs.

Buying replacement springs are an additional cost besides labor. Professional garage door experts also perform scheduled maintenance on garage doors and springs. An attempt to DIY the repairs can be a waste of time and resources besides posing potential accidents.

Professional Garage Door Repair 

Continued use of your garage door with a broken spring will further damage your garage door and pose safety concerns for you or your property. In Grimsby, finding a garage door expert to fix or repair your garage doors is fast and easy. They are readily available and affordable too.