If your house includes a garage, you are probably familiar with garage doors and how they work. If something goes amiss with their operation, you will be able to notice the difference. In most cases, the springs are the parts that are affected hence affecting the operation of the door. Garage door springs work to balance the weight of the door accordingly.

Over time, they become inefficient or broken due to tear and wear. Their performance is also affected by changing temperatures resulting in broken springs. When you notice a squeaking noise on your garage door, it is a sign that the springs need lubrication or are worn out. When there is resistance when opening or closing the garage door, your springs are possibly out of balance and need rebalancing.

Rebalancing should be done every two years even if there are no balancing issues with your garage door.

Broken spring repair

Repairing a broken spring is an easy task for an expert. Trying to repair your own garage door springs is highly discouraged as it can result in fatal accidents especially when dealing with torsion springs. Besides, you wouldn’t know when to repair or replace the broken springs. In most cases, a broken spring needs to be completely replaced.

The replacement usually costs $100-$200 depending n services rendered. The main causes of broken springs include:

  • Tear and wear over time. The average lifespan of garage door springs is 4-9 years depending on the type of the spring. Extension springs are more long-lasting than torsion springs.
  • Poor maintenance – Proper maintenance on your springs involved frequent lubrication and rebalancing accordingly. Without these, your springs wear down quicker than expected becoming inefficient in their services.
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations – The changing hot and cold temperatures cause your springs to expand and contract. This strains the springs and they can snap at any time.

Garage spring repair

Garage spring repair is best done by an expert who understands what they are doing and how to protect themselves from imminent danger. Besides repair, they are able to rebalance your springs and advice on a proper maintenance schedule. There are several experts in the Waterloo area certified and licensed to carry out garage door installation, maintenance and repairs.

The repair services are usually a short time activity of few hours. In case of replacement, you will incur the cost of buying the springs and labour costs for the expert.


Garage door repairs mostly constitute the repair and replacement of the springs. If properly maintained, springs have a lifespan of several years before needing replacement. This is however determined also by the weather conditions of the area. As it has been established earlier, it is better to have an expert handle the repair and replacement activities instead of trying to DIY. This saves time and money and prevents further damage to your door and likely accidents that can occur should you attempt the repairs yourself.