Garage doors rely on springs to function properly. If the springs break or wear, it becomes difficult to operate garage doors. Whether it is a swing out door, roll-up or sliding doors, they are heavily dependent on springs tope and close effortlessly. Springs are two types:

  1. Torsion spring – These are the most commonly used springs. They are fixed above the door and support the door’s weight from above.
  2. Extension springs – These are fixed along the length of the garage door. They feature safety cables for additional support safety.

Broken spring repair

Besides physical inspection, they are other ways to identify broken springs.

  • Your garage door loses balance – Ideally, garage doors should remain balanced when opened to a certain level. If your door cannot remain open without additional support, it is a sign that the springs are broken and need repair.
  • Resistances when operating your door – If your door needs more effort to pull up or pull down, you need to check on your springs. Operating the garage door should be effortless.
  • Friction on springs – A squeaky notice indicates too much friction on your springs. Lubricating your springs should alleviate the problem and have your springs functioning properly.

Spring repairs usually involve replacement of springs. However, if the strings can be repaired, a few fixes here and there will do. These include:

  • Tightening of loose parts – Tightening the parts on your springs and those of adjusting parts reduces the interference on the spring’s performance.
  • Lubricating the spring – Lubricants reduce the friction on springs improving their overall efficiency.
  • Rebalancing – Every two years, your springs need to be rebalanced accordingly. However, this may need to be done earlier if the springs were installed during the cold season.
  • Repair of the safety cable – Extension springs have a safety cable attached to the door to prevent the door from tumbling down if the springs are broken. During repair, these too need to be attended and fixed id they were initially missing.

Garage spring repair

Spring repairs Niagara Falls are affordable and convenient as there are several garage door experts within the area. Garage door experts will inspect your springs and determine if they need repair or replacement. They are also able to perform general maintenance in your garage springs and other parts.

DIY repairs are strongly discouraged as this may cause further damage to your garage springs. When dealing with torsion springs, there is a safety concern since once the springs are released, the door will fall on its weight crushing anything below it. On average, you will spend $100-$200 on expert services to fix your car.


When in need of a garage door expert in Niagara Falls, finding one who is efficient and affordable is quite easy. Attempting to do the repairs yourself could result in fatalities that could have been avoided. An expert knows how to protect themselves while doing the repairs. Besides the springs, they can pinpoint other underlying issues on your garage door that need to be fixed or replaced.