Broken springs in your garage door will affect how the door opens and closes. The most common causes of broken garage doors are:

  • Climatic conditions – Extreme temperature changes will cause your springs break due to the constant expansion and contraction as the weather changes.
  • Tear and wear – After several years, your springs wear and become inefficient in their service. Torsion springs have a lifespan f 4-6 years while extension springs lat 7-9years.

It is important to inspect your springs regularly in order to catch an anomaly on your garage door in time. Besides constant inspection, regular lubrication and rebalancing are required. Rebalancing should be done every two years but if you installed your garage door during the cold season, you will need to rebalance earlier than two years.

Broken spring repair

An average person may not be able to accurately point out when their garage door spring is broken unless they do a physical inspection. However, there are several indicators of broken springs:

  • A squeak sound when operating your garage door – Besides indicating broken springs, it is also an indication of lack of lubrication.
  • Balancing issues on your garage door – It becomes extremely difficult to maintain your garage door open at a certain level. In most cases, the door involuntarily rolls down when left open.
  • Operating resistance – If you are suddenly putting a lot of force to close or open your garage door than before, it is time to inspect your springs for breakage.

Broken spring repairs do include repairs or complete replacement of the springs. It is highly recommended to hire an expert to do the repairs. In Mississauga, there are several garage door installation and repair service providers to choose from. Involving an expert not only saves you time and money but is the most responsible thing to do. While dealing with torsion springs, you can endanger your life trying to DIY repairs since the door can come tumbling down on you.

Garage spring repair

When needing an expert service provider in garage door installation and maintenance in Mississauga, choose on with relevant experience and expertise in handling several types of springs. There two main types of garage door springs:

  1. Torsion springs – These are the most commonly used. They have a lifespan of 4-6 years and support the weight of the door from above.
  2. Extension springs – These are fixed along the length of the door. They have a lifespan of 7-9 years depending on other factors.

An excellent expert has the skills to work on both the springs and will advise on the best spring for your door depending on its size, weight and functionality.


Garage doors are important points of access to your home. Without proper installation and maintenance, they can be an inconvenience and possibly harmful to you. If you are living in Mississauga, it is quick and easy to find an expert to work on your garage door repairs, replacements of routine maintenance services.