The garage door is an important point of entry and exists into your home. Without a proper functioning door, it will be hectic to park your car in your garage or remove it when you want to leave. Despite the importance, very few homeowners are keen on maintenance on garage doors. It is not until it becomes faulty that they become aware of their obligations in maintenance.

There are several tell signs that your spring is broken:

  • A squeaking sound when you operate your garage door

  • Balance issues on your door, i.e. it cannot remain open for long or keeps running down if left open at a certain level

  • Resistance when it comes to pulling the door up or down. You need to use excessive force than before to do this

  • An actual broken spring which you can see

When you experience any of the signs above, your garage door springs are broken or failing and need to be examined by an expert. The expert will then recommend an appropriate course of action to restore the proper functioning of your garage door.

Broken spring repair

Once you notice that your garage door springs are faulty, it is responsible to repair them immediately. This prevents further damage to your garage door and unforeseen accidents. Repairing a broken spring on your garage door is not a DIY kind of thing since it requires a little knowledge of how lever systems work. Instead of wasting time and resources doing it yourself, call an expert to access the situation and do the necessary repair on your springs.

Broken springs repair may require some balancing and a quick fix on the springs, or an entire replacement on the springs. In any case, an expert will be able to advice on the best cause of action. The repairs cost range from $100-$200 depending on the services rendered.

Garage spring repair

Garage door springs have an important task to balance the door’s weight. If one of the springs is faulty, it becomes difficult for your garage door to stay open. The springs are of two types:

Extension springs – Usually placed perpendicular to the garage door.

Extension springs

Torsion springs – These are placed above the garage door supporting its weight from above.

To minimize repair, you can avoid frequent repair needs by observing proper maintenance on your garage door. The springs need to be lubricated frequently. You are also required to do rebalancing of the springs every two years. If your springs were installed during the cold weather, rebalancing needs to be done sooner. This is because springs are affected by temperature changes.


Kitchener is a metropolitan area in Ontario. This makes access to service providers easy and convenient. Garage door experts perform several services including installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts. Their services are most sort out by residential clients who have no idea what is wrong with their garage doors and how to fix it. In any case, if you live in Kitchener, finding a garage door expert is not a hard task.