Garage doors are the last thing on homeowners minds until their operation becomes faulty. Most homeowners do not know the last time they inspected their garage doors. When the door starts to squeak or becomes hard to pull and down, that is when you need to call an expert to fix your door. In Guelph, there are several garage door installation and repair experts to work with.

Unless you are a door expert, it is highly discouraged to attempt attending to your garage door and especially when dealing with torsion springs. Since they hold the garage door from above, When tampered with, the garage door will pull down unexpectedly due to its weight. Anyone or anything below the door will be crushed causing very serious injuries.

Broken Spring Repair

Broken springs must be replaced for your garage door to operate smoothly. Springs are of two types:

  • Torsion – These are mounted above the door and maintain the door’s balance from above.

  • Extension – These are placed vertically along the length of the door.

Each spring works differently and has a different lifespan. Torsion springs can last 4-7 years depending on the weight of the door and how frequently it’s used. Extension springs last 7-9 years on average. There are several factors that contribute to broken springs:

  1. Fluctuating weather conditions especially on temperature – Hot temperatures cause the springs to expand end while cold temperatures cause the springs to contract. If the weather is constantly shifting between the two, your springs will break sooner than expected.

  2. Over time wear and tear – After a few years of service, your springs wear and tear prompting the need for a replacement.

  3. Inadequate maintenance – Frequent lubrication and rebalancing of your door springs has a positive effect on its overall maintenance and lifespan. If not well maintained the sprigs will easily break down.

door spring

Garage Spring Repair

In most cases, a failing door spring needs replacement and not repair. If you have had the garages door for a few years and haven’t changed the springs, that squeak or resistance when operating your garage door is an indication that you need to replace your springs. The cost incurred will include buying new springs and the labor charges for an expert to do the replacement. In Guelph, certified door experts charge $100 for single springs and $185 for double spring repairs.

Besides repair, you are required to do balancing on your garage door every two years as maintenance. Frequent lubrication of the springs and other parts is also of importance to keep your springs from quick tear and wear.


Guelph is strategically located on the outskirts of Toronto are. This makes it easily accessible from the major highways. As a resident of Guelph, your garage door needs are well taken off by experts who are more than willing to come to you. The distance and accessibility of the area from the major towns is an added advantage for anyone seeking services in their residence.