Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Checklist for Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Replacing a garage door can be very expensive. This is why the best thing you can do is to make sure you extend the lifespan of your current door as much as you can. But how do you make sure that it is in good working condition? This post looks at a list of the main steps you need to take when taking care of your garage door. Annual garage door maintenance plays a vital role to save your money. You need to answer the following questions while in your garage.

Step 1: In the event of a crisis or power cut

Does the garage door opener have an emergency cord that deactivates the door?
Is the door equipped with a lifting handle and/or step plate?

Step 2: Garage door system

Garage door
Do you see any damaged parts caused by the vehicle hitting on it?
Are the joints between the sections closing so that it is weather-proof?

Spring system
Do you see any springs that are broken?
Can you spot rust on the springs?

Do you see anything that is twisted or bent?
Are all the screws tightened properly?
Is the lifting cable attached properly to the hinges located at the bottom of the door?

Are any rollers worn or damaged?
Do they roll in the tracks instead of sliding?

Lifting cables
Are the cables frayed?
Do the cables wind around the reel that is located on the top of the vertical track correctly?

Lifting the door

These two questions will help verify that the lifting system is working properly
Is the door difficult to lift or sluggish?
Does the door open in starts and fits?

Step 3: Garage door opener

You need to first make sure that the door opener carriage is working
Mechanical safety reverse system
You need to place a piece of wood that is 2 X 4 on the door’s threshold. Shut the door with a remote. When the door hits the block of wood, does it go back up?

Photoelectric safety reverse system
Place two boxes installed 4 inches above the ground on the vertical tracks. After sticking your foot in front of the door’s photoelectric system, does the door open?

Wall control panel

This is the part situated on the wall close to the door that goes into the house
Is the open/close button working without any problem?
Does the button for turning the light on and off work?
Is the button for disabling the remote working? Push this button and try and work the garage door opener using the remote.

Have you recently changed the batteries in the remote?
Is the antenna of the door extended properly?

Step 4: Lubricating the metal parts

When did you last lubricate all the metal parts of the garage door opener? They need to be lubricated at least once every six months. Lubrication should be done before and after every winter season.

You need to get in your garage at least once every year and answer all these questions. If you don’t have any time to spare, you can hire a garage expert to help with the checklist.

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