How much should it cost to replace a garage door spring?

Garage doors are a common site in most homes, businesses, and other buildings. While they usually operate smoothly and without issues, at some point a garage door will require maintenance or repairs. When this happens, you might be wondering how much replacing a garage door spring costs.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Installation: Get a Step-By-Step Tutorial

Garage Door Roller Repair Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Installation: Get a Step-By-Step Tutorial Image Source: FreeImages ‍ Thinking about installing a wall-mounted garage door opener? It’s a great way to keep your garage organized, and the installation process is not that difficult. In this article, you’ll learn how to install a wall-mounted garage door opener. If you have an unfinished garage ceiling or living space above your garage and enough clearance for the opener to work, then you can install a wall-mounted unit. The process generally takes two to three hours. Keep in mind there are two main types…

Hamilton Garage Doors Spring Replacement

Spring replacement and repairs: With time every garage door spring gives in to metal fatigue either due to poor installation or heavier use than the spring was designed for. Whether they have broken or are due for replacement, you can contact us for a faster resolution to the problem. We handle both the torsion springs and the extension springs and replace the broken ones with high industry quality springs. You can opt for heavy-duty springs or regular springs depending on your garage door use.

How to Pick the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

How to Pick the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home. There are many options to consider when picking the right garage door opener. If you want a quiet opener that will work with your budget, you might go for belt drive. However, if you need it to be durable, then go for screw drive. Remember, these are just some of the many things to think about when picking your garage door opener. If you’re not sure where to start, this blog post will help you out!   How to Choose a Garage Door Opener When your garage door opener…

Checklist: How Secure is Your Garage Door From a Thief?

Checklist: How to Secure Garage Door From a Thief? The garage door serves as a barrier to prevent unauthorized access to your garage. With valuables in your garage, you should ensure that thieves have no access. Once an intruder finds their way into the garage, they can easily find their way into other rooms, if there are interconnecting doors in the garage. Even though most garage doors are designed to offer maximum safety, buglers are always coming up with new ways to break doors. So hurry up to secure garage door today Below is a checklist to help you determine…