Aluminum Garage Door Repair Hamilton ON

Aluminum garage door repair in Hamilton Ontario is an affordable service. We have been offering it for many years to cities all over the GTA. We offer a great deal of convenience and reliability making them one of the most popularly used garage doors for those in the know. As a garage doors selling company we have seen people tending to limit themselves to the steel doors when aluminum doors would have served them better. There are several factors that would make us recommend aluminum doors to our clients. This is especially because technological advancements in the process of making aluminum doors have seen some great features added to the doors in our inventory. Here are some reasons why we advise our clients to consider aluminum doors as an option for garage doors:“

Aluminum Garage Door Installation

Getting an aluminum garage door installed has its pros and cons. When you talk to us, we will make sure we tell you all the information that you needed to know to make an educated decision. The top 3 benefits for getting an aluminum garage door installed are:
1) Insulation
2) Aesthetics
3) Durability

They offer more insulation and security

An aluminum garage door offers more insulation. This is large because their slats are double skinned and they are filled with foam which improves their ability to retain heat and save you on the energy bills. This factor also makes them great at noise reduction especially if you have an adjoining room or one on top of the garage.

The double skinning and inclusion of foam is a new aspect given to aluminum garage doors by new technology. It also adds strength and stability enabling the doors to withstand hard winds and also reduce the prior shortcoming of aluminum where it was easy to dent. The strength is further reinforced by the guides used in the opening and closing of the garage door. We have guides between 60m to 90 mm.

They are space-saving

Aluminum garage doors are a great option where space is in consideration. This is because their light nature allows them to have smaller drums for operating them. This ensures there is less intrusion into the garage itself. As a result, you get to maximize the extra height and width space you are given.


One of the major advantages given by aluminum garage doors is the fact that they can be used in different applications both in residential and commercial settings. The slats are in different sizes allowing them to fit differently shaped doors and also the larger than standard garage doors.


The aluminum garage door is durable; both its main parts and the internal ones. Part of this is because the light nature of the door does not put undue strain on both the torsion spring and other internal moving parts. With good quality parts, you can have your door performing years without needing much maintenance or replacements. It’s also resistant to dust and salt corrosion which makes it a great choice especially in coastal corrosive environments.

It has great aesthetic value

Aluminum is available in different styles and colors and can be painted to achieve different finishes. This makes it a great match for your decorative themes. It can also be combined with fiberglass for a great aesthetic and functional result.

At Professional Garage Doors & Openers, we have different styles and qualities of aluminum doors fitting for any need. We will guide you through the various choices and help you get to the right door. Contact us today.